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Currently working with 20 companies with an average engagement time of 3.5 years.

Maximise the potential of your business

“[Introducing Graham]…was the best thing ever to have come out of our bank.”

“[Graham has]…driven our business forward
into another league.”

“[Taking on Graham] … was the best business decision
I ever made.”

“[Graham] is…a sort of business Mary Poppins
but without the skirt.”

“Graham has been like an arm of reassurance.”

“Graham’s calming influence is recognised
and respected by all.”

“Impartial, Informed, Invaluable.

“A Knight to have at your round table.”

“[Graham’s] support and enthusiasm is remarkable.”

“Graham…actively engages you to spend time away from the business, thus allowing you to appraise it much like an outsider… invaluable.”

Who Do I Help?

Is your business looking to:

  • Grow?
  • Re-assess its strategy?
  • Break through the next glass ceiling?
  • Survive?

Yes? Then why not use a business coach to get you there quicker?

  • “I couldn’t take more than a week’s holiday, else there would be no business when I got back”
  • “We seem to have been stuck at x turnover for the past x number of years ”
  • “I have been running my business for x number of years. You can’t tell me anything about my business!”
  • “I’m never going to be able to retire!”

Sound familiar?

All ambitious, dedicated and hardworking athletes use coaches to enhance their performance so why should equally ambitious, dedicated and hardworking business owners not do the same?

Get a business coach and overcome these common business symptoms:

  • No vision or strategy
  • No business plan
  • Little financial management
  • Need to secure additional funding
  • Flat or declining revenues
  • Escalating costs
  • Little profit for x number of years (but having to work harder)
  • Cash flow problems
  • Exit planning
  • Poor work/life balance

Graham Knight


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Graham Knight is an accredited associate of the IIB and has practical business experience that delivers meaningful hands-on support for running your business. Based in Hampshire, servicing clients of all type and scale across the UK.

qopenI work with owners, directors and managers of businesses, helping to measure the potential of their business and plan for development and growth. Clients often face similar challenges and complain of the same symptoms. As an external consultant or as a regular part of your management team, my role is to assess your current business performance, identify areas for improvement and deliver practical advice and guidance. qclose