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Currently working with 20 companies with an average engagement time of 3.5 years.

Maximise the potential of your business

“[Introducing Graham]…was the best thing ever to have come out of our bank.”

“[Graham has]…driven our business forward
into another league.”

“[Taking on Graham] … was the best business decision
I ever made.”

“[Graham] is…a sort of business Mary Poppins
but without the skirt.”

“Graham has been like an arm of reassurance.”

“Graham’s calming influence is recognised
and respected by all.”

“Impartial, Informed, Invaluable.

“A Knight to have at your round table.”

“[Graham’s] support and enthusiasm is remarkable.”

“Graham…actively engages you to spend time away from the business, thus allowing you to appraise it much like an outsider… invaluable.”


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Whatever You Measure Gets Better…

Previously I have set out the reasons why having a Business Plan in place when running a business was important.  One of the key sections in the Business Plan is Key Performance Indicators – sometimes called a Company dashboard. Essentially what this sets out to do is...

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Fail To Plan; Plan To Fail

I meet with new MDs every month and am staggered by how many have no business plan, no formal budget and no vision of where they want to be.  It’s similar to the old saying about Christopher Columbus…When he set off he didn’t know where he was going…when he got there...

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